Monday, March 8, 2010

The Better Half

Women, as they say, holds up half the sky. Stepping into the era of nanophysics and stem cell based medicine, it is not only important that we pause and look back at what the human race has achieved, but it is also important that we acknowledge the contribution of the other half of our society, the women. However, " a society that has great power, ambitions, ignores the rights and concerns of one half of its population to its own peril. India's women are undoubtedly breaking new ground, but we, as a society, have miles to go before we can claim to be truly gender egalitarian. Till such a happy day comes along, it is perhaps necessary to mark out a day for women, a day on which their agenda is in the spotlight." Hence the birth of the International Womens Day.

The miraculous phenomenon starts since a graffian follicle ruptures, releasing a healthy ovum into the fallopian tube, who choses the healthiest sperm out of a million, creating a wonder called life. Nine months inside her womb, each cell of our body doubles, multiplies and grows under the best nutritive condition, cushioned on all sides by amniotic fluid and in a temperature just perfect for the special being, the human life.

So we are born, and born to achieve greater things. The unsurmountable contribution of our mother in our lives are simply unparallel to anything in this world. A famous ex indian crickerter thus commented when Sachin Tendulkar scored the first double century, " We must thank Sachin's mother for giving birth to such a great child." No matter how many more words i keep scribbling here in this blog emphasising the efforts and role of our mothers in creating and shaping our lives, it would just not be enough. Most of their sacrifice and efforts, often it goes unnoticed because we are so busy enjoying our shaped up lives, but its never too late to acknowledge the lady who shaped us. The best way to make ourselves realise their role is just by placing our foot in their shoes for a day, from dishwashing and cooking dinner to doing everything just to make the family smile together before bed.

With the dawn of the modern era, women have stepped outside their home. Just as the old idiom says, their one step has been a giant leap for 'mankind' indeed ; or should it now be better called 'man and woman kind'? Equality, the eldest son of democracy deserves the utmost priority in any country, specially India. A country cannot move forward leaving half of its population (the women society) behind. Their representation in various sectors of the society today in the form Pratibha Patil, our president, or our lady speaker of the Lok sabha, or Barkha Dutt in the media and many others, have truly uplifted our nation. They are just few out of the many million women of this country who have succeeded in increasing womens representation in all the sectors, including the IITs, IIMs, and field of medicine. Yet our government takes 14years to approve a bill for reserving 33% of the seats for women in the Parliament. Just by mere self-belief, perseverence and will-power if the women society can attain such heights, perhaps it is beyond imagination where they will lead our country to, if they get some more support from our society in the required field.

Understanding a woman's mind is as complex as performind an open heart surgery of an ant! Their dynamic mind frames, potential talent and self-confidence, and kinetic 'never say die' energy are just unique. From daddy's little obedient girl, to a fashionable and trendy teen wearing a "i know everything" attitude, to an extrovert young adult shouting for "my space" all the time, to a self-dependent multitasking woman, to a caring wife and a sacrificing mother ; they are the versatile version of homo sapiens. They say, "practice makes a man perfect. So what about women? They are born perfect." Their habits, nature, zeal and charizma are always strong enough to attract the opposite sex like a strong magnet. They love attention, being noticed and praised all time by us men. And they always love to hear that they are preetier than our ex girlfriends. They love shopping, be it buying a hairpin or a wedding dress ; and they love gossips. They universally love pink to such an extend that even if u paint a buffalo pink for them, they will find it cute. And ofcourse they love saying "All men are dogs" and "all you men want is just sex". Now with so much shopping and makup, gossips and manicure to keep them busy, if they keep comparing their crave for sex with ours, they will obviously fall short, right guys?

But at the end of it all, its just these that make them women, its just these that we men love and admire about them. And yet after reading this blog half of you women out there, including my girlfriend, will still complain, " you wont understand, because you are not a girl! ". Yes, we men do not understand but we will never give up in trying to understand. Afterall, you women are our better half!

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